Roundtables in 3 years


Capacity building workshops over 3 years

3 Million

Employees targeted to be sensitized in 3 years


Champions created over 3 years

How Tuberculosis Affects Businesses

Job losses in both organized and unorganized sectors of India. From 2000-2015 India lost 123 billion US dollar from tuberculosis mortality (USAID)

Stigma associated with the disease hinders reporting by the affected individual thereby increasing the risk of spread of the infection among the peers. This is more so because of absence of company policies that recognize the plight of such an affected individual

In the workplace, TB causes workflow disruption, reduction in productivity, increase in costs related to care and treatment

#cii4TBfreemission has an app

App users can read material about TB, fill a questionnaire and get information about test centres

Learn About TB

App users can see the Tuberculosis test centers near your area

With various modules like Awareness & sensitization, Diagnosis, Treatment and TB & workplaces users can learn everything they need to know about Tuberculosis at a single platform.
Every information about Tubercluosis just some clicks away.

Test Centers

App users can see the Tuberculosis test centers near your area

Test centers provides all the test centers near the users’ area in the form of a list with the contact details and navigation link to the test centers.
Users can just choose a Test center of their preference and the navigation will be provided to them with a single click.

Take Assessment

The power to self test anywhere simply by filling a questionnaire

Take Assessment asks the users some questions in form of a questionnaire to check if they are showing any symptoms of Tuberculosis.
The responses users provide will help making better policies and taking appropriate actions against Tuberculosis

Fight against Tuberculosis


Incidence (MDR/RR-TB)


Incidence (HIV+TB only)

2,690 Million

Incidence of TB cases (includes HIV + TB)


Mortality (deaths) (excludes HIV+TB)


Mortality (deaths) (HIV+TB only)

*Estimates of TB Burden (WHO 2018)

Best Practices/Case Studies

Best practices compendium